An original artist just breaking through the musical doors. Though constantly open to experiencing new genres, Boone's style has been labeled "Grunge Country" and most often reflects upon hard lessons learned combined with new experience. His drive and depth fuel a passion for growth and it will be interesting to see where it all leads.

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More Than The Music Podcast

In "More Than The Music" Podcast, Boone Holding explores being a Hippie Cowboy in the Hill Country of Texas. Boone also interviews Texas artists and discusses being a growing artist himself. More Than The Music Podcast is available on Google Play Music, Apple Music and Spotify.

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Recent Show Notes

In this episode we talk about the raids at Waco and Ruby Ridge a little bit. We voice our opinions which may not matter, but hey, makes for a decent night for us. We also talk about the government using social media to censor "misinformation". Slippery slopes and crazy times. And a movie of the week. Enjoy the day.

Getting right into the episode talking about exotic animals in Texas. After we jump off that animal train we speak of cultural characteristics of North America and what makes it so unique. Don't covid talk us with more waves right now. Politics in our country has overtaken so much. Could everyone have more of their way in country built in individual liberty and not collectivism?

A quick focus on the general idea of rules. Why are they there and just important are they? Most importantly, how do we know when to just break the ones that make absolutely no sense? Just some thoughts and random ripping.

In this episode we get into the Tyson chicken recall and the FDA in general. We then get into Facebook and social media. Is social media hurting our society or helping it? In the final topic of the evening we bring different views of the Olympic sprinter who is currently facing suspension for marijuana use. Good times. Have a great day!

A quick focus into the arts. What the past year has shown me about the relevance of art in society. Some people think artists are a bunch of stoned dreamers. Well you know what I say about that, they could be on to something.

Justice Clarence Thomas doing God's work as he speaks about the Federal Ban on marijuana. Thank you sir. Hopefully Texas follows suit. Is high unemployment a consequence of benefits or is there a workers revolution in the making? Or both? We give a "movie of the week" and even say the forbidden name....Trump. Ha. May we just all chill and lift that marijuana ban.

Do walls work if policy sucks? Good question. What is the future of the "liberty" movement in America? We also get into what Texas music means to us. We end with an a little curiosity as to whether social media is a cancer to society. Opinions and good times. Thank you for tuning in.

Back at it after a short break. In this episode we get into Texas Gun laws that are being debated currently in the state. Also, we get into driving on beaches in Texas vacation towns like Port Aransas. Should we be able to or no? We talk a little about some random stuff and sign out on the future of our Hill Country Roads and how they should be made more suitable for bicyclist. We are imperfect humans that enjoy chatting it up. Thank you for listening.

Alex Jones, states that are pushing people away by poor policy, and how polls are not as valuable as bowls. Some of the things we get into in this episode. We appreciate any listener we ever get, but most importantly we appreciate the ability to be able to vent and have some fun doing this podcast. Keep the faith and do the best you can in this crazy world.

Today's push to blame everything on race could very well be a detriment to the same people it claims to "stand for". On this episode we cover a little history, a lot of claims, and the absolute muddy waters that is today's establishment rhetoric. Be careful who you trust.


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