An original artist just breaking through the musical doors. Though constantly open to experiencing new genres, Boone's style has been labeled "Grunge Country" and most often reflects upon hard lessons learned combined with new experience. His drive and depth fuel a passion for growth and it will be interesting to see where it all leads.

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More Than The Music Podcast

In "More Than The Music" Podcast, Boone Holding explores being a Hippie Cowboy in the Hill Country of Texas. Boone also interviews Texas artists and discusses being a growing artist himself. More Than The Music Podcast is available on Google Play Music, Apple Music and Spotify.

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Recent Show Notes

In this episode we rant some more. We don't get any closer to figuring out the world's issues but we do get into Mathew McConaughey for the ole' Gov status of Tejas. We speak on the border issues, which seem to always be issues, covid vaccines, boycotts and cancelling, and finally last but certainly not least, Levi's bada$$ VHS and DVD collection.

In this episode we speak on media, space X, and the war for Texas Independence. Not much more to say other than, life is short. Live it the best you can.

Well some Independent Thinking Texans gather on this episode to discuss Gov. Greg Abbott lifting the mask mandate on Texas Independence Day. Symbolism; maybe so. Also, we speak a little about how the right vs left paradigm is truly hurting reasonable thinking and solutions. A little coverage on " Greater Idaho" and how we think that may be a growing trend in other areas as well. Then we dive into the weeds and realize it is time to call it a night.

This episode we are joined by a local long time musician from the Bandera, Texas area Pat Kelley. But we don't talk about music much on this one. Pat dives deep into our shenanigans and fits right in. We discuss the Texas freeze over, how the federal branch of government has absolutely no oversight, and we even get in some would you rather. Good times and imperfect humans. The story of us Independent Thinking Texans.

In this episode we cover the saga that was trying to impeach a president that was not president. Interesting. We all cover the growing concerns of succession and growing movements to separate the country. Cancel culture makes it pushy way into our conversation and we end by talking a little gardening, because, why not? We did record this episode in a green house.

In this episode we cover a little about what we expect and have seen from the new POTUS. Also, is the new administration more of the same ole'? We have our friend Jeremy explain to us a little about this Robin Hood situation. We cover the change in media, primarily social media that is sharp on the horizon. We play a little "would you rather" and then close out with anti-federalists vs. federalists and how the debate may have evolved.

In this episode we cover a little overview of Trump and the lead up and out of his time in office. Crazy it was, to say the least. We also talk about the power of ideas. Where do they come from and what gives them life? We rant a little about lockdowns and what we see as unnecessary government control over every aspect of our lives. And then some. We make mistakes, laugh, and learn as are some of the reasons we do this podcast.

In this episode the ITT open with up with going up....in smoke that is. What are the pros/cons of legalizing marijuana? Joe and Kevin join us in this episode for a double doozy of opinions and thoughts. Massive split between ideology in our country and the craziest American election ever? Texas real estate market and how it has been impacted through the pandemic. Furniture out of Juniper trees. We play would you rather, shout out our musician of the week.

In this episode ITT talk about the snow in central Texas on New Years Eve, and give a little happy new year to y'all. They also talk a little about Governor Greg Abbott not being concerned about new people moving to Texas and how it might impact the state. Should Texas being invest in creating more State Parks and preserving more land? They get into the best calibers of rifle for hog hunting, play "would you rather", and they go on into the new year with a smile.

In this episode the independent thinking Texans speak about the new stimulus bill, the evolution of our country and the constitution. They also speak about how we can move forward in a more productive way. They play "would you rather" and even give a musician of the week. Levi takes us out with some thoughts and conversation and we go on our merry way.


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