An original artist just breaking through the musical doors. Though constantly open to experiencing new genres, Boone's style has been labeled "Grunge Country" and most often reflects upon hard lessons learned combined with new experience. His drive and depth fuel a passion for growth and it will be interesting to see where it all leads.

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More Than The Music Podcast

In "More Than The Music" Podcast, Boone Holding explores being a Hippie Cowboy in the Hill Country of Texas. Boone also interviews Texas artists and discusses being a growing artist himself. More Than The Music Podcast is available on Google Play Music, Apple Music and Spotify.

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Recent Show Notes

Back at it after a short break. In this episode we get into Texas Gun laws that are being debated currently in the state. Also, we get into driving on beaches in Texas vacation towns like Port Aransas. Should we be able to or no? We talk a little about some random stuff and sign out on the future of our Hill Country Roads and how they should be made more suitable for bicyclist. We are imperfect humans that enjoy chatting it up. Thank you for listening.

Alex Jones, states that are pushing people away by poor policy, and how polls are not as valuable as bowls. Some of the things we get into in this episode. We appreciate any listener we ever get, but most importantly we appreciate the ability to be able to vent and have some fun doing this podcast. Keep the faith and do the best you can in this crazy world.

Today's push to blame everything on race could very well be a detriment to the same people it claims to "stand for". On this episode we cover a little history, a lot of claims, and the absolute muddy waters that is today's establishment rhetoric. Be careful who you trust.

Well if you read the title, then you know. Police, foreign conflict, government intervention in your life, and what you find comfort in is constantly in the process of change. However, though change can be a great thing, is change always for the better? Stay tuned for another day of life on Earth.

In this episode we don't get paid enough to solve the world's problems. So we just give our opinions and try to avoid the June bugs. Texas problems. Everything from foreign policy to the care of our health is covered in this one here.

In this episode we chill out, light up, and let it all out a little. Opinions are like something else that we all have. Life is precious, and emotions are high. So is a lot of world. Times are good.

In this episode we start by covering the great philosophy of individual liberty and freedom. Would it truly work in practicality? We also get into what we feel is going on with education in our country today and if protests (in the street style) are effective in getting what it sets out to accomplish. We end the episode talking about selling out. Is it good, bad, or when is it okay and what place we would go in Texas if we could only have one choice. (and we actually end up giving you two) As is life baby! Make the most of the day.

In this episode we rant some more. We don't get any closer to figuring out the world's issues but we do get into Mathew McConaughey for the ole' Gov status of Tejas. We speak on the border issues, which seem to always be issues, covid vaccines, boycotts and cancelling, and finally last but certainly not least, Levi's bada$$ VHS and DVD collection.

In this episode we speak on media, space X, and the war for Texas Independence. Not much more to say other than, life is short. Live it the best you can.

Well some Independent Thinking Texans gather on this episode to discuss Gov. Greg Abbott lifting the mask mandate on Texas Independence Day. Symbolism; maybe so. Also, we speak a little about how the right vs left paradigm is truly hurting reasonable thinking and solutions. A little coverage on " Greater Idaho" and how we think that may be a growing trend in other areas as well. Then we dive into the weeds and realize it is time to call it a night.


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