An original artist just breaking through the musical doors. Though constantly open to experiencing new genres, Boone's style has been labeled "Grunge Country" and most often reflects upon hard lessons learned combined with new experience. His drive and depth fuel a passion for growth and it will be interesting to see where it all leads.

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More Than The Music Podcast

In "More Than The Music" Podcast, Boone Holding explores being a Hippie Cowboy in the Hill Country of Texas. Boone also interviews Texas artists and discusses being a growing artist himself. More Than The Music Podcast is available on Google Play Music, Apple Music and Spotify.

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Recent Show Notes

In this episode the independent thinking Texans speak of the beauty in central Texas during the fall months. Is social media transforming? They also let weight off by discussing their concerns with new lock down measures and the hypocrisy that has shown itself through the pandemic. They speak of some information on what is called The Great Reset. They play "would you rather?", showcase the musician(s) of the week, and end with a little ventilation. Deep breath. Okay. Let's reset. Oh wait.

In this episode Boone and Levi discuss the population of the major cities in Texas. (Continued from first episode). Then cover the overview the election. This episode was recorded one week after election day 2020. They also dive into boycotts and the cancel culture. They play would you rather, Boone shares his musician(s) of the week, and they close out by breaking it all down again. While trying not to break down in the process.

In this episode Levi let's us in to his hobby of digging for arrowheads and other artifacts in the Hill Country of Texas. Boone and Levi discuss some of their favorite towns in Texas and how they are in constant change. They play a little "would you rather and Boone gives his musicians of the episode.

In this episode Boone and Levi talk about people m...

In this episode Boone does a cross-cast with Chasnik Raab of the Trial By Error Variety Show podcast. They obviously talk about podcasting, along with other things like Utopiafest, the Texas hill country, family life, and music. This is a raw conversation between two guys who have a lot of passion for media and telling stories. Check out Trial By Error Variety Show on all of the different platforms you can check out podcast on. fromthecocoon.com trialbyerrorvarietyshow.com

In this episode Boone sits down with musician and Army veteran AJ Johnston. Everything from AJ's beginning in music, to why he went to the Army, and how that has translated into his incredible energy today. They speak about some of his other interest, dealing with a life changing injury, and his most valuable job, fatherhood. Texas music is full of diversity and AJ Johnston is a perfect example of that. Infusing different genres to create an authentic sound is what he is all about.

In this episode Boone pretty much gets taken to school by Don and Debbie Davis who own an all grass fed longhorn beef company in the Texas hill country (banderagrassland.com). They help educate Boone on the preservation of Texas Longhorn breed of cattle (ctlr.org). They have a beautiful ranch where these animals live a wonderful life and you can learn more about their ranch at (dwdlonghorns.com). Their passion has pushed them to dedicate their lives to conserving this beautiful breed of animal. We truly hope that episodes like this will help people understand the importance of animal welfare and the movement towards bettering our relationship with real food. They also take part in a non-profit dedicated to the conservation of the Texas longhorn. (ctlc.org) They raise the best meat Boone has ever eaten and he even got to meet their phenomenal longhorn herd

Boone sits down with Texas singer/songwriter Brent Ryan (www.brentryanmusic.com) in Luckenbach, Texas before Brent hosts the Tuesday night pickers circle. They talk about how Brent fell into this life of a active musician and the way he chooses to go about navigating his career. They also talk over the sounds of tractors, motorcycles, the live music, and crowd that is going on at the world famous Luckenbach. Brent also speaks about a new project he is starting called "bands in the black" which is geared towards an outside the box thinking pattern of how to remain successful in this business. It gets noisy at times, but hey, this is an authentic podcast from an authentic place.

Boone sits down with a Corpus Christi based songwriter named Jimmy Willden at Fremdes in Castroville, Texas. They talk about the Corpus Christi music scene as well as the songwriters festival (cc-songwriters.com) where they seem to be re-igniting a brushfire of a great original music. They talk about the "dad life" and some hobbies Jimmy has when not playing music. Jimmy's duo project with musician Josh Glenn called "Yosh and Yimmy". Follow the tour at patreon.com/yoshandyimmy

Boone sits down with Lee Haile who has been a part of the Texas Folklore Society for over 30 years (www.texasfolkloresociety.org). They talk about Texas State Parks, wildflowers, wildlife, and even a little on wild edibles in Texas. Lee talks about his love for guiding tours around Texas for groups like Women Who Wander (www.womenwhowandertexas.com) and also a little about his background in songwriting and storytelling. This is a refreshing look into someone who cares deeply about preserving the beauty in nature and culture.


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